Welcome to Bone Ami

One Week, All-Inclusive Bonefish outing
for Two Anglers

Come fish with Jack in an all-inclusive one-week trip for two anglers! This trip includes ground transportation food, guides, and everything else. You’ll experience the bonefishing world that few people know! You have three years to use the trip. Beginning bid is set at $5,000 for two anglers. This trip is normally valued at $9,800 (for two people)!

You can use this page to bid on a week-long booked trip to Abaco. The winner has up to three years to use the trip, and the majority of the proceeds of your bids will go to:

  • Debbie Burrows, our cook
  • Paul Pinder, Ricardo burrows and other guides from Sandy Point
  • And our helper, Morel Dervil

A portion of the proceeds will also benefit the charity efforts of Paul and Ricardo's church: The Mount Zion Native Church in Sandy Point.
Here is what you are bidding on. A one-week, all inclusive trip for two anglers includes:

  • Ground transportation from Marsh Harbor Airport
  • Lodging at Bone Ami in private bedroom with bath
  • All spectacular meals by Debbie Burrows
  • 5 days of guided fishing with world class guides
  • One free day
  • All drinks and including alcohol
  • Ground transportation return to Marsh Harbor Airport
  • Hosted by Jack Pittard, Bone Fish authority

Use the form below to make a silent-auction style bid on the trip. After you make a bid, you can refresh the page to see the current highest bid, or you can check the list of bids using the link below.

The auction ends on October 1st, 2020. Time remaining:

The highest bid is:

This is Jack Pittard and if you have the high bid for this trip for you and one other friend, pal, or wife, or husband. I will be your host at our retreat on the beach we call Bone Ami.
Fishing has been my major passion for my life. I was introduced to Bonefishing more than 40 years ago. During these past years I have gained a “hands on”, on the flats knowledge which is organic... from the flats up!
I have been using a fly rod in pursuit of these wonderful sleek and fast denizens for 35 years. And now I want to share all that I have learned with enthusiastic anglers. You do not have to be a veteran Bonefish angler in order to have a good time on this outing.
Please join me with an intimate 4 others at Bone Ami and enjoy the wonderful and indescribable cooking of our Debbie Burrows; and the best guiding and coaching from our world class guides Paul and Ricardo and Dwight and the others out of Sandy Point, Bahamas.
We all will do our best to show you why walking the flats looking for “Bones” is the greatest game of a lifetime?


Look below for comments from previous anglers who have been with us!

Don’t you love a good story? I do. And I come from a long line of storytellers. The story is about as true as it gets and it’s one of the best stories I can remember.
First, I need to tell you about this good pal I have. His name is Rodney Jones and he comes from Owensboro Kentucky. As of August 2020 he has not caught many Bone Fish, but Rodney is one hell of a sportsman, and one of the most proficient wingshots I’ve ever seen. And also a veritable expert on Parker shotguns. Rodney is also a natural poet and you can read a poem of his on our website Deepwood Lodge. This poem was featured in the Ruffed Grouse magazine back in 2016.
So, I’m the old dude with the expertise with the Bone Fish, and my pal Rod had recently moved to West Palm Beach with his sweetheart, and West Palm Beach is only about 200 miles from our retreat at Bone Ami. So I told Rod (who had caught only one bonefish at this time) to join me in Abaco when the conditions were perfect and we would go wading!
I had gotten to Bone Ami near the end of May staying there almost 3 months.
So, here’s how the story unfolds. I had been studying the tide charts for weeks and as we talked about an ideal time for Rod to come. I told him the weekend of August 7, 8,9 because that was the best because we have a low tide around four or 5 o’clock. Catching Bone Fish is no accident, and takes a lot of tactical planning.
Rod arrived and we struck out on the eighth to one of my favorite flats just at the entryway to the community called Cherokee Sound. We had borrowed a 14-foot aluminum boat with its little mercury 12 hp motor from my good pal down the beach called Chad Effinger. I affectionately referred to him as “middle finger“. Our plan was no accident. I had figured everything as best I could utilizing all my 35 years’ experience in chasing these glorious fish!
I knew exactly when the tide would start to flow over that flat, and we were in a perfect place around 4:30 PM. Within minutes I saw tailing fish and within an hour Rodney had caught Bone Fish number 2, 3, and 4.
Shortly thereafter I caught a flash of sunlight reflecting off of a Bone Fish tail at about what I estimated to be 200 yards. I told Rod to look. He couldn’t see it and then again it flashed, and he still didn’t see it, and he didn’t believe me that I could have seen anything at that distance.
It may have been 10 or 15 minutes before that little flash became much bigger and there they were: three big Bone Fish. One of them, the largest, but I did not know that the time, was almost on me before he took the “Bone Fish bitters” into his big mouth. My fly tippet was literally inside the tip of my rod as he took.
It was a wonderful fight lasting more than 30 minutes. I knew the fish was big, but I didn’t know how big until I had him at my side. He was 30 inches long and in my estimate for tonnage was about 12. He was my largest catch in the last 20 years. My largest ever was on a June morning about 6 o’clock in 1999 when I had caught my largest bonefish. It weighed in at 14 pounds and was caught within about a half a mile from our retreat Bone Ami!
Rod and I had a great time, and it was one of my most gratifying experience as an angler because we were completely self-guided and we went to the place we thought they would be fish and we were right. Now my pal Rodney thinks I’m the Bone Fish whisperer and my eyesight is something akin to Superman‘s. That’s not true but it is amazing what a man can do when he has passion!

Above: Our world-class guide Paul Pinder with a big bone fish!

Above: A photo of another one of our world-class guides, Ricard Burrows, with Jack Pittard

A testimonial from one of our most recent trip-goers:

"Our cook was the wonderful Debbie Burrows. We feasted on lobsters, hogfish, mutton snapper, steaks, conch salad, conch fritters, crack conch, key lime pie, and a host of wonderful wines.
Our guides were the two NUMBER ONE guides in the Bahamas: Ricardo Burrows, and Paul Pinder!
- Our total tally was 66 Bonefish and 2 snappers
- We also caught sight of 14 others. We had two good shots but no hook ups
- My friend John also saved the life of a small baby turtle who was landlocked!
This was one of the best trips I’ve ever hosted.
Thank you,
- John, Debbie, and Dr. G!"