Welcome to Bone Ami

Welcome to BONE AMI

Bone Ami is a beachfront family retreat located at Casuarina Point on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas. This location is one of the most pristine and secluded ocean setting in the world. The facilities can easily accomodate 8 adults or a large family of up to 10. This is the perfect venue for:

  • Bonefishing
  • Family Vacations
  • Corporate Getaways
  • Romantic Holidays

  • Less than 200 miles and just an hour's flight from the south Florida coast, the Abacos are the best-kept secret in the Caribbean. You won't find casinos, crowded beaches, or hordes of tourists. You will find seclusion and incredible natural beauty.

    Abaco is alive and well... ... And ready for guests!

    Our Bahamas Beachfront Retreat is open and ready for guests!

    The view from the window walk on top of our retreat, Bone Ami!

    A typical dinner of lobster, vegetables, special island mashed potatoes, and salad!
    Meet Debbie Burrows: My sweet cook and teacher. Debbie is doing well with her family, and looking foward to cooking just for you!

    Regarding COVID-19 and hurricane Dorian

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    First, I am writing to you and others who have shared my passion for the islands by buying a trip and staying with us at our retreat we call Bone Ami. I am so very happy to have been able to share my tropical paradise with you. The “likes” and compliments I have received from my friends have been overwhelming. Thank you!

    All of this has really been pure serendipity in action. In addition, your purchase has allowed me to help some of the most wonderful Abaconians: my friends and crew in Abaco. Those folks are:

  • Debbie Burrows - my sweet cook and teacher. Debbie is doing well with her family and looking forward to future cooking jobs for you.
  • Paul Pinder - one of the best guides ever, and a wonderful citizen of Abaco who is always helping the community in any way he can. Currently Paul is on staff with the American Red Cross with their relief efforts after the Hurricane Dorian. Paul is pictured in the video below with 12 pound Bonefish.
  • Morille Darville - a wonderful man with multiple talents who helps keep our retreat in good shape.
  • Ricardo Burrows - same as Paul...superlative guide and good man who is looking forward to guiding our Bonefish anglers in search of those big Bones!
  • Sheryl Andrews - our wonderful masseuse who is in Nassau working hard to rebuild her home and return to Abaco.

  • Many of you may not know about our history of providing our live auction prize of a week's stay to our various charity partners. And through those efforts over the last 19 years we have helped them raise more than $3,500,000.

    To say that the last seven months have been difficult would, in any sense, be an understatement!

    It all began, of course, with Hurricane Dorian in September. We were looking forward to another successful fall fundraising season working with charity partners when the biggest storm on record slammed into Abaco. (I was there for the storm and you can read my story "Riding out the big hurricane" by clicking on the link on our website). Subsequently, all nine of the charity events with the live auction prize we had scheduled for the fall of 2019 were ALL CANCELLED!

    Time goes by and as I have reported to you previously, for most of December and January, I was in the islands after the storm doing various minimal repairs and getting our retreat back in perfect shape. I was successful and we were back up and in business by the end of January. All was well...for a moment, and with the help of a few of my charity partners we were able to hold three events in February and March. Then, the calamity of COVID-19! Then here the restrictions on any crowds of more than 10 people takes hold; and so next 8 charity events for April and May are cancelled. That is bad news for our charities!

    So, as of today the Bahamas is closed to incoming air traffic, and all live auctions and charity fundraising events are on hold.

    Everyone I speak to tells me the airport will reopen by May 1. As I learn more information about flights opening up, I will try to keep you up to speed with notices on our website.

    Just so you know: our retreat is 100% - all power - water - internet - cell service - groceries - liquor - car rental. And our wonderful cook Debbie Burrows along with world class Bonefish guide crew are ready for you!

    Should your charity organization be planning a fundraiser for May or June or later in the year, please let them know I would be happy to work with them and offer our trip for their live auctions at their fundraising events. Until in-person events are up and going again if you are considering an on-line auction or raffle, our trip has been very successful in that arena and we would love to work with you on that effort!

    In closing, all of you probably feel like me, in that these are very weird times and it is taking a toll on everyone. I am especially saddened for all of you who have lost a loved one to this horrible virus. When I awake every day, right now, I am so very thankful for what I have and that all of my family is safe.

    The human spirit always benefits by having something positive to look forward to! And as for me, it is the day when I am walking from Bone Ami, looking for Bonefish! I hope that soon the virus will end and things will get back to normal in your world.

    All the best to you and yours and stay safe!


    Jack Pittard

    Island Explorations
    P.O. 21888
    Lexington, KY 40522

    P.S. I hope you will consider joining me for a hosted all-inclusive Bonefish outing featuring Debbie's splendid cooking and Paul and Ricardo to show you around the flats. And this time of year is as good as it gets for Bonefishing! Come on down and let's have some well deserved fun. I will show all I have learned over the last 30 years about this wonderful art! I promise the best trip ever! Call me for details: 404-840-6945. My preliminary plans are to begin these trips starting May 2 and continuing through May into June.